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Registration Terms
The board administrator has requested that all new registered users must agree to the following terms before registering and using the services on the board "Kawoosh! Stargate Vidding Forum". Please read the following terms and if you agree to them, select the "I agree" button found at the bottom of the terms.
1. This is a vidding forum - obviously our main topic here is vidding and helping others to get started.

2. It is incredibly important that you title your posts sensibly and appropriately. It must be a concise description of your actual post. Posts may be edited if they are titled irrelevantly. It is especially useful when posting software-related questions/discussions to add the program names in the title.

3. When you have posted a question and the problem has been resolved, please edit your post and add "[RESOLVED]" to the beginning of your post title.

When you have posted a clip/music request and it has been fulfilled, please edit your post and add "[FOUND]" to the beginning of your post title.

4. If you post a new video, check out other posted videos and leave some feedback for them. It only seems fair that if you post a video and expect feedback to give some feedback in return.

5. Vid Announcement posts must include the title of your video and the theme/category in the subject header. If your video doesn't have a title, use the song title instead.

You must use the video announcement template when posting a new video - it will appear above the posting form for you to copy and paste. You may also include spoiler notes and a summary.

Don't forget to upload your video to approved hosting sites or else they will not be listed on Kawoosh! - for more information, check out the post on The Kawoosher:


6. Clip Hunting posts must include either the series, episode, or characters involved in the scene you are looking for, as well as a brief gist of what the scene is like e.g. action scenes, hugging clips, outdoor shots.

7. Try to stay on-topic and avoid irrelevant posts to reduce 'chit-chat'. This will benefit everyone, especially newbies, as they will find answers to their questions more easily. There is a thread called the Black Hole in the Socialising section where you can post if you're bored.

8. Do not post just to increase your number of posts. If you have nothing to say on a certain matter then don't post. The number of posts on this board has no direct relation to the experience of a member. The ranking system is merely for fun; it is not a competition.

9. Be weary when posting detailed information about obtaining clips, music, and software - use U2U (private messaging).

10. Don't forget to use spoiler spaces when referring to Atlantis season 4 and beyond, as well as the Stargate SG-1 movie The Ark Of Truth. Spoiler posts must be labelled properly and must not have what the spoiler is in its title. Posts will be edited accordingly.



1. Only one entry per participant per challenge. (unless the individual challenge indicates otherwise)

2. No editing/tweaking of the entry once it has been submitted to the challenge thread.

3. Original entries only for each challenge - previously made/re-edited vids cannot be entered and will not be allowed.

4. You must use an approved hosting link for your vid to be eligible.

These rules are subject to addition and change at our discretion - additional rules/guidelines may apply for certain individual challenges.

Thank you =)


Yell and flail if you have any questions!

Happy vidding!

(",) Gater

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